Where I Am

{Believe in yourself when in times of doubt.. and life will be clearer? At least that is what it seems to me.}

 In this very moment, I'm figuring I'm right where I'm supposed to be. Okay maybe not literally this moment while I'm typing all this. But in the moment of my life, where I'm supposed to be. And it feels pretty good.. despite it not being perfect, or where I saw myself two years ago.

Green Festival Newbie

I had the awesome privilege to be a blogger covering the Green Festival. It was my first time I've ever attended the festival. And it was overwhelming at first, because there was so much to see, absorb and learn from. I really wanted to cover the event, because I've always had a strong interest in being environmentally friendly and doing good for the earth. But as I grew older, I moved away from that, and I really want to get back in to touch with finding realistic & sustainable ways to really live well, without harming the planet.

Yet another list for 20-somethings/Myself

I love writing lists, and this is a reminder to myself mainly about life as a twentysomething. There are so many lists out there for twenty somethings, it can honestly be over welming reading a lot of them and pretty much agreeing with errythang it says. And obviously I'm not an "expert" on twenty somethings, I'm just living it now, and realizing so many things. This list is not just for the twenty somethings out there, but its also to remind myself of the things I'm dealing with and trying to manage. Because no, I don't have to have everything figured out right now, its just not possible to know everything. But Yes, I am young and I have dreams, and I will YOLO.. responsibly. ;) (Yes I had to write YOLO).