Where I Am

{Believe in yourself when in times of doubt.. and life will be clearer? At least that is what it seems to me.}

 In this very moment, I'm figuring I'm right where I'm supposed to be. Okay maybe not literally this moment while I'm typing all this. But in the moment of my life, where I'm supposed to be. And it feels pretty good.. despite it not being perfect, or where I saw myself two years ago.

{Or even better focus on both! Who said you can't be brainy and look good?;) }

{Step one: Believe. In yourself. In your dreams. In your vision for your life!}

{From left to right: We also had the pleasure of visiting the sculpture garden, it was really fun, and the weather was perfecto! This photographic piece, are actually various fragments of rainbows taken in different pictures and scenes compiled together, another Peter Coffin piece. I really loved it!}

{From left to right: Peter Coffin's Untitled Dog! And then me attempting to "laugh".. but just ended up cheesing and closing my eyes. haha.}

{Random pieces of the day}

This is super duper belated post, lol I went to the hirshhorn two weeks ago! It was so ahh-mazing spending time in DC at the wonderful museums! It was good to catch up and just spend time adventuring the museums we also stopped by the national portrait gallery. And seeing the portraits of MLK and the movement that he led was really inspiring to me! We've come a long way, and I'm grateful for what MLK stands for and he continues to inspire me!

I love having mini-adventures with people that I loves! I'm pretty sure life is just way better when its filled with tons and tons of mini-adventures! :D

What mini-adventure have you gone on lately?

<3 Kelly

P.S. Thanks Linh for taking the pictures of me!! 


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