Green Festival Newbie

I had the awesome privilege to be a blogger covering the Green Festival. It was my first time I've ever attended the festival. And it was overwhelming at first, because there was so much to see, absorb and learn from. I really wanted to cover the event, because I've always had a strong interest in being environmentally friendly and doing good for the earth. But as I grew older, I moved away from that, and I really want to get back in to touch with finding realistic & sustainable ways to really live well, without harming the planet.

I was able to listen in on a panel speaking on the Inside GMO's: A Survivor's Guide with panelist such as Alisa Gravitz, the director of Green America, as well as Adam Eidinger of Mintwood Media Collective, & Gail & Zachary both local farmers in the DC area. And learning a bit more of how GMO's work. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms, and most of our food comes from these GMO seeds that are planted. This in turn are negatively affecting the health of people all around the world, not only from those who eat it but also to those who harvest it. They gave many suggestions as to what the everyday person can do about eating less GMO's. One of the more tangible and realistic suggestions would be to get to know who your farmer is and what seeds they are harvesting. By cultivating a relationship with your farmer, you can be reassured in knowing where your foods are coming from and whether or not they are GMO or Non-GMO.

{From Left: The food demonstration and my Kale Salad}

I also enjoyed interacting with local organizations that are working hard to implement change within their communities through good food. I discovered the Fresh Farm Markets,a non-profit organization supporting fresh foods and produce only farmers in the DMV area. They were showing us how to make a simple and tasty Tuscan Kale Salad at the "Good Food Stage". It was also my first time tasting Kale, and I will definitely find ways to incorporate it into my meals now. I also visited their booth and loved that they have a Foodprints initiative - which is a local food school project where they have fresh edible gardens in the school to provide children in the DC area the opportunity to eat fresh whole foods while also educating them on what nutritious foods to eat. The recipe for the salad as well as many other recipes can be found here.

{From the left: Fair trade chocolates. And cute flower pots remade from wine corks by bestacork.}

I really enjoyed my first time at the green festival. I really loved that the green festival exudes an air of passion. Passion for doing good for the world, and really having a vision for a greener world, so that the people we love can live better, and healthier. It encourages me and inspires me to make more conscious choices with my food, and with what I buy.


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