Yet another list for 20-somethings/Myself

I love writing lists, and this is a reminder to myself mainly about life as a twentysomething. There are so many lists out there for twenty somethings, it can honestly be over welming reading a lot of them and pretty much agreeing with errythang it says. And obviously I'm not an "expert" on twenty somethings, I'm just living it now, and realizing so many things. This list is not just for the twenty somethings out there, but its also to remind myself of the things I'm dealing with and trying to manage. Because no, I don't have to have everything figured out right now, its just not possible to know everything. But Yes, I am young and I have dreams, and I will YOLO.. responsibly. ;) (Yes I had to write YOLO).

{pretty art to feast your eyes on.. lol. I love these, it reminds me how beautiful life can be}
  • Your 20s is definitely a time to be selfish. But there's a difference between selfish and self-centered. Selfish, is learning when to pick yourself first, where self-centered is making everything about you, and making your problems the only problems that you can see. Learning to know the difference, really puts things into perspective.
  • Its foolish to think that quitting is wrong, or a failure, or that its too late to quit. The whole thing about life is quitting the "right" things: Things like doubting yourself, complaining, things like making excuses, like procrastinating, like telling yourself you don't have time. And mostly the things that no longer work for you. Sometimes quitting is the only way to keep living. oh and ps The Dip by Seth Godin is an amazeball book that "teaches you when to quit and when to stick." Its contents are pretty obvious, but sometimes reading it is all that matters.
  • Its okay to be different, and be a wierdo.  Not everyone has to be on the same path. And no matter what, and no matter who, they will say good or bad things about you. Its a happier place when you choose to do the things that make you happy.
  • Make time for the people that value you and respect you. There will be people who will take you for granted and won't appreciate you, and that's okay. Just focus on the people that count. Because in life having amazing, supportive and inspiring relationships with others is the only thing worth "having".
  • On the flip side, show your appreciation for your loved ones and friends more often. It doesn't have to be some big huge gesture, it can literally be a text, but letting people know that they're great and that they make a difference is what matters. Don't assume that they know. 
  • Find the thing that makes you happy everyday. Not just once in a while, or sometimes, but everyday, if you can really truly enjoy your day-to-day, than you have really lived. 
  • If someone doesn't understand you, and you care about them. You have to try to at least make them understand, and if they care enough about you, they'll listen. They still might not understand but opening that dialogue is key.
  • And all that madness goin' on in your head,, pretty much everyone goes through this.. its called doubt + life. So your not crazy.. well okay you probably are.. But whats so wrong with that? ;) Sift through it and you'll find the thing that works for you. <3 
Life to me is just living in the moment, and giving life all you got. So keep fighting my friends. Life is amazing, if you make it such. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 How are you enjoying/making your 20's the best times ever? 


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