Little Reminders #3

Who said we had to chose? I pick both! ;)

<3 Kelly

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Little Reminders # 2: Anyway

Anyway, do you. Find happiness. Work hard. Live your dreams. You know the spiel.

Happy Sunday! 


hey babe

Lately, I've been really attracted to casual, and chic looks! Fashion for me has been super simple and I've honestly been bored with fashion for a while.. so to actually find things I'm loving and wanting is refreshing. But I feel my own personal fashion evolution is coming. ;)

Comfort clothes are the sexiest, Nuff Said. I love that the sweater is tied up too. Need some more knit sweaters stat! haha.

Loving this maroon-ish hue on the skirt, and digging the skater skirt. Even though I don't typically like them. Might need to find some and wear them with sheer tights for fall!

left to right: Loving the combo of lace & denim. Love the metallic smokey eye/cat eye look. Speaking of which I really need to visit sephora or ulta soon. In desperate need of some makeup essentials.

Cheers loves! I hope your having a beautiful week!

<3 Kelly

1. lovers and friends lookbook 2013 2. dan mortenson for elle italia 3. revolve clothing lookbook 2013
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little reminders #1: be kind

The world could use some more kindness lately. 

Kindness isn't weakness, it takes more strength to be kind. 

Just be kind even if its hard, especially when its hard. 

<3 Kelly 

I'm turning 24!!

Wow, so the countdown begins: 30 days until my 24th birthday! :) 

This year instead of racking my brain for the things that I want, I feel like I'm already blessed to have such amazing people, and things in my life already. I decided its a great reason to give back instead!! The last time I did a fundraising event, it was for the earth quakes in Japan, back to three years ago, man how time flies! And you know, that was really exciting and fun for me to help organize and be a part of! So I've been looking for ways to do that again.