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Have I mentioned how much I adore Kelly Cutrone? Go read her books and be inspired, she is one tough mama with compassion! <3 And I'm realizing that the only way to live a great life is to really follow that little voice within your heart, because thats the hardest thing to do, to get quiet enough to hear that little voice. That's really the only way to know what you need to do.

So April's almost over, whyy is this month flying bye?!! We had some craycray weather, that I was not a fan of. I spent most of my times setting up my new biz, and catching up with old friends. And confession, I got really bored with posting a links round up every week, so I decided it would be best to post it up in one big gigantious post each month. So I can share with you some of my favorite internet reads, inspirations, and random things I loved from each month! :)

Give a Little Love: Worldvision

All my life, I have wanted to help people. Help change people's lives and impact them in a positive way.  I feel like a lott of people feel this way too, but never really know how to do it. And I totally feel the same way sometimes. I really want to use this blog to highlight ways we can help others, simply by giving a little bit of our time, talent and/or treasures.

Sometimes helping someone can be easier than we think! I wanted to feature Worldvision, in a little post called Give a Little Love, because "We can only do little things with great love" - Mother Teresa.

For the longest time, I thought that I would have to wait until I had enough money to sponsor a child with Worldvision. My dad actually was the first in our family to sponsor a child, well actually two girls. And seeing him sponsor two girls, and being able to go shopping for stickers & things that could be mailed in their care packages, & write letters to them, was a really rewarding experience.

I thought about sponsoring a child of my own too. But, I was caught up with school, and life as a college student, and the not having enough money mentality. I just had this strong desire to sponsor a child, at the end of my sophomore year, I committed myself to sponsoring a beautiful little girl named Meroon! When I saw her picture, I knew I had to sponsor her! It wasn't really difficult seeing the reasons why I wanted to give to Meroon and her family, once I did it, I realized how simple it was. I knew that I could commit to providing $35 a month to give to her. Just something as little as $35, I was really able to make a difference for a little girl all the way in Uganda! I have continued to sponsor her since then, and she is growing, and its so crazy every time I get a letter from her, because children grow up so quickly.

But the most amazing thing that I love about Worldvision, is their dedication to start with children & families, and then impact the entire community at whole, to be self-sustainable on their own.

This video explains it wayyy better than I can:

Whatever your religion or spiritual practices may be, sponsoring a child, is a sure way to brighten a child's future and give them a fighting chance to improve themselves and their community. Also, since the world is getting more and more technically savvy, you can also email your sponsored child now... and that's pretty cool if I don't say so myself.

You never know who's life you can change: Take a look.. you might just find someone you love!

Real Talk Tuesday: Success

(Lol, this made me laugh so hard, cause it's so true!)

Success comes in different forms and different ways. 
Define your success, and you will be successful in your life, in your own way.
Everyone's form of success can look different, some people put relationships & love first, some people put career & fame at the top of their list.

Start by defining what your success looks like. It doesn't have to be cray.

And when you do that, the real journey begins, because well.. as this amazing depiction shows, success takes twists and turns to get there. But the arrow keeps going.
Your life is a journey, its never really a destination.

Success doesn't have to resemble what others have. It has to do with what you want in your life. 

Go for it! Success is defined by YOU!

With Love,

Social Media

I love me some social media. I'm on facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram... and I think thats it...lol.

I'm at the point where I am just overloaded by social media. I'm just like why am I trying to keep up with so many things? But its starting to feel like I'm keepin' up with the joneses. Trying to post things that will impress people or something. I've become afraid to offend or annoy someone, and avoid writing passive-aggressive anecdotes on people who annoy me, cause I don't want to be one of those people.

I won't be deleting or deactivating my account, because its just removing my problem, everything just stays the same when I get back on it. So the only way to deal with it is to just keep it and have some self-control.

I'll still be on facebook, but not as much as I usually am. I decided that I won't be worrying about my facebook pages, twitters, pinterest or instagram for any thing. I'm just going to do it because I enjoy it, and not because I feel like I should do this for other people.

If I get followers, I want them to follow my posts and things because I'm putting something out there that is of worth. Not to just one up my number. I want to share my life with others, and I'm going to just be myself, be genuine. And impact people's lives in a positive manner, this has been my intention, and I think I lost sight of that because I wanted to impress people.

My focus is shifting back on to this blog. I love blogging, and I've been blogging since.. high school,  6 years ago... T_T omgosh I'm aging. lmao. But this blog has been something I've wanted to do within the past year, and I hadn't had enough courage, so now I'm re-focusing. And getting myself back into it.

Do you ever feel this way about social media? That your trying to post for people and followers rather than yourself?

With Love,

Shine your light

Let other's lead small lives, but not you.

There are people in life that play it small. A lot of people play it small.
Out of fear, out of disappointment, out of what we ought to do, and what we should do.
Out of being realistic versus idealistic.
On account of not wanting to put in the effort and the work.

To live a big life, a larger than life, life.
You must dream big.
You must shine even when others try to dim your light.
You must shine even when others don't understand.
You must put in the effort and work that others are not willing to give.

But you must also understand it is not that they do not shine or do not have the ability to shine. But they do not know how to. How to let their positivity and beauty shine through the hardness of life.

So be gentle my friend,
and let other's lead small lives, but not you.