Give a Little Love: Worldvision

All my life, I have wanted to help people. Help change people's lives and impact them in a positive way.  I feel like a lott of people feel this way too, but never really know how to do it. And I totally feel the same way sometimes. I really want to use this blog to highlight ways we can help others, simply by giving a little bit of our time, talent and/or treasures.

Sometimes helping someone can be easier than we think! I wanted to feature Worldvision, in a little post called Give a Little Love, because "We can only do little things with great love" - Mother Teresa.

For the longest time, I thought that I would have to wait until I had enough money to sponsor a child with Worldvision. My dad actually was the first in our family to sponsor a child, well actually two girls. And seeing him sponsor two girls, and being able to go shopping for stickers & things that could be mailed in their care packages, & write letters to them, was a really rewarding experience.

I thought about sponsoring a child of my own too. But, I was caught up with school, and life as a college student, and the not having enough money mentality. I just had this strong desire to sponsor a child, at the end of my sophomore year, I committed myself to sponsoring a beautiful little girl named Meroon! When I saw her picture, I knew I had to sponsor her! It wasn't really difficult seeing the reasons why I wanted to give to Meroon and her family, once I did it, I realized how simple it was. I knew that I could commit to providing $35 a month to give to her. Just something as little as $35, I was really able to make a difference for a little girl all the way in Uganda! I have continued to sponsor her since then, and she is growing, and its so crazy every time I get a letter from her, because children grow up so quickly.

But the most amazing thing that I love about Worldvision, is their dedication to start with children & families, and then impact the entire community at whole, to be self-sustainable on their own.

This video explains it wayyy better than I can:

Whatever your religion or spiritual practices may be, sponsoring a child, is a sure way to brighten a child's future and give them a fighting chance to improve themselves and their community. Also, since the world is getting more and more technically savvy, you can also email your sponsored child now... and that's pretty cool if I don't say so myself.

You never know who's life you can change: Take a look.. you might just find someone you love!


Maria Bastida said...

Love this, very sweet :)

Karen Curtis said...

Very cool idea! I actually have a similar passion for another organization that serves children and their families that are in need. Congrats to you for finally giving in to your passion to sponsor.


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