Are they judging me? #fearlessfriday

This is a really unplanned blog post. And I think these are the best, because than things can really come from the heart. Maybe.
The struggle with blogging or just even putting yourself out there in life is the fear of what people will think. Will they laugh? Will they judge me? Will they dislike what I have to say? Not everyone is afraid of this, but most people are. And I'm coming to realize that this fear never really goes away when you pursue the things that you believe in and the things you are passionate about.
So Eff it, At the end of the day someone will have an opinion of you, and whether that's good or bad, isn't up to you or me. Their thoughts are a reflection of themselves, and not you. ( I used to believe that was some B.S. to make people feel better, but as I'm growin' up, I realize that this is truth, what someone thinks is because of their own reality, and their own thoughts about themselves, most the time it isn't you. You just trigger something in them. )
It's up to us to stand fearless, live our lives despite the fear, and take fearless action. Whether you do bad or do great, people will still talk about you. So why don't you just live the life you've been too scared to live? Why don't you give it your 100/0 best? I'd rather live a really amazing life, because if people talk anyways, why not just live it to your best, and not to theirs. Why not you?
Some food for thought... I hope everyone has an amazing Friday!

<3 Kelly 

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