day 6

I feel so much clarity lately. Today is day 6 of exercising and sweating it out. And I'm currently using the zumba and just dance dvds to do just that!! It's cold out, and I'm not an exerciser at all, so doing this is fun and indoors in the comfort of my home! haha.

Its only been a short period of time. But I feel dramatically different, like my mind is just clearer when I wake up. I'm able to fall asleep way faster than I used to, it usually takes about 20 + minutes to fall asleep.

this was the year i ...

I was really inspired by Hilary's post, here, on goal setting. And I really loved it. So I thought I'd do a bit of a review of 2012, since there is about a month or so left of 2012. And work on a list of what 2013 will hold.

I'm pretty fond of making lists, its one of my favorite things to do. haha. But I kind of had to rack my brain for some of the things I accomplished this year. I am planning for bigger and better things for 2013. For now, I'm keeping that list on the down low. ;) There is just so much change going on right now, and I'm loving it, and can't wait for some more wonderful amazing progress coming!

With Love,

ParaĆ­sos desplegables

I am mesmerized by the cut out textiles exhibit, ParaĆ­sos desplegables (Pop-Up Paradise), created by Argentinian artist, Manuel Ameztoy. It is so intricately cut and delicate its like stepping into a magical peaceful place. Isn't it beautiful?! Love this!!




Aren't these beautiful? Add a splash of origami and color to brighten your home, and be inspired by how creative and amazing this looks!!

{via event lucky}


Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'm excited to spend time with family and eat some good food!! Stay grateful, and enjoy today!! :) <3

With Love,



I'm currently in a really huge transformation period in my life.
{hence the camwhoring of my new hair!! My first dye job ever.}

I am revamping my life, body, love, career, health, relationships and just about everything.

And its EXCITING and pretty scary!! 


With Love,



 I'm way late on the ombre hair bandwagon. I'm starting to actually like it a lot, and so I am thinking I'm going to get a trim, and get my hair ombred. Which color, I'm not sure, but this is exciting, since its my first time dye-ing my hair!! :D We will see what happens!! 

Much Love,

{photos via google images}

travel bug

I'm currently in Taiwan. Its really nice being in this city, that I consider my second home, since my second family is here too. It makes me happy that I decided to come here again. Can't wait to see my best friend, family, and also my sister who is bringing my super cute nephew for the first time! I'm excited for this trip. I feel like every time I come to Taiwan, its the time for a positive transformation, and I feel it right now very deeply. 

Much  Love,