day 6

I feel so much clarity lately. Today is day 6 of exercising and sweating it out. And I'm currently using the zumba and just dance dvds to do just that!! It's cold out, and I'm not an exerciser at all, so doing this is fun and indoors in the comfort of my home! haha.

Its only been a short period of time. But I feel dramatically different, like my mind is just clearer when I wake up. I'm able to fall asleep way faster than I used to, it usually takes about 20 + minutes to fall asleep.

 I'm also sticking to a new schedule that I also started 6 days ago. I just work better when I have a schedule and rituals that I have to do. It really leaves me way more productive than not. So I can save up my decision making powers for other things.

Figuring out ways for me to be healthier and have a schedule is really helping me improve myself in both personal development, and exercising!! Next up, I'm hoping to either take some classes, or work out at the neighborhood gym. But one step at a time!!

Does having a set schedule help you succeed? or Are you more of a free spirit? I'd love to hear from you!

With Love,

And PS, just started reading Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Book!!! And I am loving it, her positivity shines through in every page, making learning about nutrition and health way more fun. I've only finished two chapters, but I feel like my knowledge of nutrition has already grown so much! Self-transformation begins with education!! If you haven't already pick up this book ASAP!!

* Disclaimer: I was not paid to advertise these products. These are my own opinions. * 


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