Ringing in the New Year!

"The Days Are Long, the Years are Short"
- Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project.

I'm kind of speechless at this moment in time. Speechless that 2014 is over. 
Just like everyone else I feel like I could've should've done more. But forget that, for a moment, and be grateful for what did happen. 
Realizations/thoughts from 2014:
*I'm on a mission to change people's lives no matter what and no matter what others think.
*Small Minds = Small vision, Big Mind = Big Vision, don't let little minded people affect your own thinking of yourself.
*Sometimes you have to go through things alone. Come out on top. And continue to conquer yourself and the obstacles that happen when you're on the road to success.
*If anything I've learned, don't believe that little voice in your head. Its not telling you the truth about yourself. If you take the time and awareness to figure that out. Life will be better.
* I am grateful I get the freedom that I do have, and I appreciate it so much and wish to share this kind of freedom to those who are willing to work for it.
*I absolutely love the people that I attracted to me - I have had so much fun, laughter, and drama-free life in a while.
*Give yourself time to heal, sometimes grief will come in and surprise you.
*I'm not chasing happiness. I'm learning how to be joy, in all situations good and bad, happiness is just like any emotion, temporary. But joy.. that's really something. <3

* I am excited to grow more, be more, and laugh more, and have fun with this one life I'm blessed to have.
* I am dead set on making my father proud of me. #ripdaddyo
*  Do new things I thought I couldn't do.
*Push myself to reach the goals that I've set
*Give back to worldvision, by sponsoring a 2nd girl. I sponsored my first child when I was a sophomore in college, and I still sponsor her 7 years later.
* Stop comparing, and start listening to my inner higher self.
* Love on people hard, love on yourself. Love doesn't mean physical affection, it means appreciating them where they are at, and seeing the potential that lies within each and every human person.

Ah,, I'm so pumped! But I'm going to need to stop because I got a 6am wake up call. Gotta learn to love this disciplined life, with freedom it comes with self-discipline. Discipline is the key to happiness by the way if you were searching for the answer...well actually self-discipline. That's like a whole nother' blog post.

I've missed blogging. Not for other people, but for myself, because I love writing, and I love being authentic, and I feel like it brings my truly empowered side out. It felt like a chore at times, because I was sharing what I thought I should share. But I'm going to share what I want to share, and if that helps inspire other people and help people great. If it creates haters, even better, b/c haters can tell you what your fans won't and make you grind harder. <3

I'm back. Unscheduled. Unfiltered. Sharing Me. 2015 you will see me rise. So come along with me, or just watch me.

<3 Kelly 

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