new fav, & getting over your love/hate relationship with exercise

I am currently lovingg the Tone it Up Girls workout!!! Like obsessed, my body and muscles are so sore.. but I am starting to love this feeling!! I just started their Love Your Body Fitness challenge, and although I'm 5 weeks behind, I am still loving their vids. Especially this ab workout: 

I am so glad that I found the Love your Body Routine, because it really challenges me, and makes it really fun! Which is awesome! And I usually do this in the afternoon, and do the 24fit dvd program in the morning, which I'm now on week 8!! <3 I am loving the new addition of the tone it up routine, and can't wait to continue doing this. I really want to be able to be fit and proud of my body, for me, and me only! 

But I didn't always love exercise... in fact, I hated it, I loathedd it, I could never work up enough energy or love for it. Yes, I knew all the benefits of it, yes its awesome. And YES I love it now! I think everyone has their time when they finally realize that yes, this is the time to get fit, because I'm tired of feeling tired, and feeling sorry for myself. That's exactly what I realized last summer, if I don't exercise, I'm just not taking care of myself, or loving me! So how exactly do you start lovin' exercise?!?Here are some ways I got over my hate relationship with exercise and turned it  allll into loveee! ^_^

Find your reason why you NEED to work out. - I was burnt out, tired all the time, I would wake up and I would still be tired, was stressed, was all kinds of a hot mess. So I decided if I want to feel better, if I want to live a more fulfilled life, I have to exercise, I mean a lot of cool successful people do it, like Richard Branson. Finding a way to conquer my stressful life is why I choose to exercise. So find your reason, maybe its for your family, maybe its so you can feel comfortable in your own skin, whatever it may be, use it as your inspirado!

Find something you love to do. - You don't need to be a world-class athlete, you don't have to be the most coordinated, you don't have to be the best zumba-r. I am not coordinated or good at zumba, but I think its fun, and I can play at home on the wii, making it simple and saving myself some dignity. haha. Finding something that is fun for you or something that you can enjoy is really important to turn this love hate relationship around.

Try something new! - Don't be afraid to do something you've never done before, maybe joining a team, or taking a dance class at your gym, taking a walk. Trying something new can be really daunting and uncomfortable because its out of your comfort zone, but I guarantee you will come out tougher, healthier and happier, because doing anything uncomfortable grows you and all those endorphins will make you feel greatt!!

Find a work out buddy - For the 24 fit dvd program, I actually made my mom do it with me! haha, because well if I'm going to get healthy then I want my mom to be healthy too! So she was my willing victim buddy, and so when I'm about to work out and we're both home, we just do it together. It makes exercise more of a fun thing that you can share with your bff or family member, and keeps you accountable! 

Anyways, I hope these tips help you overcome your love/hate hate relationship with exercise like its helped me. Overcoming it has given me more confidence in myself, and its really changed the way I look at myself, I guess its also a sort of self-empowerment, when you start taking care of yourself!! Cheers!!

<3 Kelly


{This wasn't actually taken today, but was taken 4 days ago! But I'm proud of where I am right now!!}

I really started this journey in October of last year, but only half-assed it, but now I'm on go-go-go determined mode to reach my level 10 healthy mind, body and soul!
  • That feeling when you fit into your old jeans, and you don't have muffin top. Seriously, you don't even need to worry about buying new clothing, just try your old clothing, and see if it fits. It feels ahhh-mazing, although I'm not against buying anything new and pretty. ;) 
  • The feeling that you can conquer the world because your able to push your mind and body to limits you never thought you could get to. Seriously... Sometimes I want to quit, but I'm loving the after work out energy so much, life is nothing without it.
  • Right nows, my health & fitness goals include getting my weight to 115 pounds, I'm currently at 123 pounds (though this is my goal, I'm not trying to focus too much on the losing of the weight more of the muscle vs body fat %.) 26% body fat, and 30% muscle (this is huge I used to have more body fat than muscle). My energy is wayy up up up, and I feel goods!! I should make another post on what exactly I'm doing right now, cause I feel amazing, after going from fatigued/overly tired Kelly, I never want to go back to that feeling again. Agh! 

Other Thangs:

  • I am loving for workout playlists. If I were to make my own playlists they would take FOREVERR to make, so I just listen to ones that people already made. Some of my favorites being: this, and this.
  • Still obsessed with the Tone it Up Love your Body Challenge. I started late, but Its better late than never. :) I am esp loving the Love your Abs workout, definitely helping me get toned in the ab area, which is one of my goals too. 
  • Currently on week 8, of the 24fit Herbalife DVD, and its awesome, because I can't believe I've actually stuck to a dvd program for 8 weeks.. that's kinda record-breaking for me, so yay!! 
What are your favorite workout playlists?!!?  I definitely need more suggestions!! <3 And where are you on your journey to a healthier and fitter you? I really would love to hear about it, and support each other through your health/fitness journeys!! <3 

<3 Kelly

Shakes, Burgers & Fries

I started off my weekend cozying up to the documentary called Food Inc. (Hahaha, some serious #nerdalert going on!) I have wanted to watch this for a really long time, so I decided to pop it in and cuddle on the coach! <3 It was sooo cold last week!! But I'm happy to have spent it indoors mainly! Umm.. so after watching Food Inc, it further confirmed why we, as consumers, need to be more demanding that the FDA be more honest and regulatory of their labelling laws, so we know exactly what is in our food. Without it, consumers are pretty much helpless, and that is not a position I feel comfortable with at all. :/ So it definitely got me worked up about food and all that jazz. And its definitely starting to push me towards a more vegetarian/vegan diet as well, although that is supadupa hard for me cause I love my gelato. :X But slowly and surely I'm probably going to switch over to a more veggie/vegan diet. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in learning more about the food industry, and how our foods are being made/processed and the underlying costs that we create without being conscious of what the food industry is doing, and what our choices have to do with that.

haha okay, so enough of that ranting ness, I could prolly go on and on about the documentary, really opened my eyes further on food, and nutrition and etc. I had a really nice weekend, doing work, working out A LOT and trying new recipes for my shakes. lol!

Tangy Travels: Philly

Its been over 5 years since I've been back in Philadelphia. And although, I only got to wander about the love park, and reading market, I really missed this city!!

accessory love: the knitty slouchy hat

I know I know winter isn't over yet. But I feel like I need to start wearing cute slouchy hats or something, cause I am seeing them everywhere, and if I wanna get all knitty with my wardrobe I should probably take advantage of this cold weather! Cause I feel like it's going to roll on by, Its already mid Jan!! And then fully and happily celebrate summa' time! :D

1. Sydney's look is so comfy yet stylish, I think I need to start wearing my leather jacket more too!
2. Orange + Kelly Green.. what a cute and unexpected combo! Too cute of a combo, love it! via K is for Kani 3. Jak & Jil

Goal before winter ends, learning how to wear and be cute in a slouchy knitty hat! Perhaps I'll put it here, duno yet! haha.

What do you think of slouchy/chunky/knity hats? Would you rock them? 

<3 Kelly


Typically I like to avoid all forms of rejection and conflict. But I'm putting myself out there more with my new business, and its hard, but its amazing all at the same time. Why? Because I always thought being rejected and having a different opinion was because of my lack of worthiness, like I wasn't enough.

Now I realize, being rejected and not agreeing with someone, is sometimes a really great thing, because I just feel more empowered. The more No's you hear, the more Yes's you will get!! I really believe that... Its pushing me way out my comfort zone, but I am loving it, because I don't see rejection and things like that as a bad thing anymore but more of a way to grow.

And sometimes things just don't work out the way you want them to, and that is okay!

Courage Challenge #1

For the start of 2013, I am determined to take more action in my life. So I decided to start these Courage Challenges, so that I can overcome and face my fears!

{This looks like a stalker picture, but my sister actually managed to snap a pic of this momentous life changing event. I'm the one on the left! I'm seriously proud of this picture though.. cause I am finally learning how to swim!!} 

For my first courage challenge of the year, I... well my sister.. signed me up for swim classes as a Christmas present!! I don't know how to swim, I vaguely remember learning a longgg time ago! But its been something I wanted to learn, cause ya know one day if I ever end up on a ship, and it sinks.. I can save myself?!.. haha I can remember I went on a cruise when I was 12 and they played the titanic movie on board.. um.. maybe that's what traumatized me?.. anywho whatever the reason, I've never learned how to swim.. so I am taking this class!!

I managed to survive my first class on Monday, but it was only in 3 feet of water, so I figured ya know I'm like 2 feet taller, I got this! ;) The class is actually for terrified adults. So.. thats pretty hilarious. But I really was scared to get in the water, like shaken in my boots kind of scurred. haha. But once I got in, it wasn't that bad.

So the first thing we did was practice holding our head under water for 10 sec.. That was effing terrifying... cause I felt like I was guna drown.. So I won't go through the play by play. But I know I can float.. and stuff.. which is pretty cool, because I've tried to float and would end up flailing.. And I actually really enjoyed it, cause playing in water is really fun! haha.

I have to say I've never felt more alive than I do now, I just felt invigorated after my class. And I'm really excited cause I will finally learn how to swim this year!! Making my future goals, like learning how to surf, seem more realistic, and feasible!! Maybe this courage challenge won't be so hard.. but this is only the first one.. so we shall see what other challenges I will post.

Are you doing any acts of courage lately? I would love it if you join in and create a courage challenge of your own!! It would be really fun and supportive to really help each other face our fears!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! <3

<3 Kelly 

Courage Challenges

Lately, I've been obsessed with Eleanor Roosevelt and her quotes. She was one inspiring laday, Especially on the topic of courage! I've been thinking a lot about how I'm going to start taking action NOW! And how I can really make good use of my word of 2013: COURAGE! After thinking, about the things I want to do, and the fact, that I tend to talk more about doing, rather than actually doing it. Cause ya know talking is wayy easier than just doing something sometimes! 

SO for the year of 2013, I'm working on courage challenges, basically that means, that I am doing something that is taking me a lot of courage to do, or that I've been talking about doing, and haven't done out of fear. 2013 is really the year of creating and turning things into reality. And really being fearless!! So as I'm preparing for some challenges... I don't even know which ones (well I kinda do) since I am really scurredd of putting this out in the universe, but its transformation-go time!! <3

I'd love to hear your thoughts on courage challenges, and how your overcoming your fears this year, or whether or not your going to try something that you've wanted with courage and enthusiasm?

<3 Kelly

fitness inspo: kelly osbourne

"People think I lost weight and then got happy, but that's not how it works. You have to get happy first. I made a life change, and the weight loss was an amazing perk."

Besides the fact that her name is pretty awesome if I don't say so myself. I am truly impressed and wow'd by Kelly Osbourne's positive transformation from the inside out!! I love that she is setting an example for young women, to firstly love themselves, and then making the proper changes to live a life that really shows that!


I am fawning over these pretty and beautiful pom-poms right now. They are made from 100% bio-degradable and recycled tissue paper!

We're the Best Friends, That Anyone Could Have.

Ending 2012 with a small reunion with some good friends. I haven't seen some of my friends in years, and months, and .. it was just necessary to have some good food, and good laughs. When I'm with these BFF's I feel like nothing's changed, and we can talk as if no time has passed.

say hello to the new year!

Happy happy New Year!! Its that time again, time to make some serious changes! We get a clean slate for 2013 and I'm excited!! But what's something that usually holds us back?! Making Excuses!!! And usually there is an underlying fear, like being afraid of change, or what your friends and family think of you. So I'm pulling out some mad inspiration from my favorite bloggers to stop the excuses! And get going on making 2013 the best year evar!