Typically I like to avoid all forms of rejection and conflict. But I'm putting myself out there more with my new business, and its hard, but its amazing all at the same time. Why? Because I always thought being rejected and having a different opinion was because of my lack of worthiness, like I wasn't enough.

Now I realize, being rejected and not agreeing with someone, is sometimes a really great thing, because I just feel more empowered. The more No's you hear, the more Yes's you will get!! I really believe that... Its pushing me way out my comfort zone, but I am loving it, because I don't see rejection and things like that as a bad thing anymore but more of a way to grow.

And sometimes things just don't work out the way you want them to, and that is okay!


Additionsstyle said...

I agree with you Kelly, rejection is a part of life and when you are willing to accept it and realize that with rejection comes rewards life can only get better!
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Vanessa said...

Hello, you left a comment on my blog a while ago. now following you .Goodluck xx

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