Courage Challenge #1

For the start of 2013, I am determined to take more action in my life. So I decided to start these Courage Challenges, so that I can overcome and face my fears!

{This looks like a stalker picture, but my sister actually managed to snap a pic of this momentous life changing event. I'm the one on the left! I'm seriously proud of this picture though.. cause I am finally learning how to swim!!} 

For my first courage challenge of the year, I... well my sister.. signed me up for swim classes as a Christmas present!! I don't know how to swim, I vaguely remember learning a longgg time ago! But its been something I wanted to learn, cause ya know one day if I ever end up on a ship, and it sinks.. I can save myself?!.. haha I can remember I went on a cruise when I was 12 and they played the titanic movie on board.. um.. maybe that's what traumatized me?.. anywho whatever the reason, I've never learned how to swim.. so I am taking this class!!

I managed to survive my first class on Monday, but it was only in 3 feet of water, so I figured ya know I'm like 2 feet taller, I got this! ;) The class is actually for terrified adults. So.. thats pretty hilarious. But I really was scared to get in the water, like shaken in my boots kind of scurred. haha. But once I got in, it wasn't that bad.

So the first thing we did was practice holding our head under water for 10 sec.. That was effing terrifying... cause I felt like I was guna drown.. So I won't go through the play by play. But I know I can float.. and stuff.. which is pretty cool, because I've tried to float and would end up flailing.. And I actually really enjoyed it, cause playing in water is really fun! haha.

I have to say I've never felt more alive than I do now, I just felt invigorated after my class. And I'm really excited cause I will finally learn how to swim this year!! Making my future goals, like learning how to surf, seem more realistic, and feasible!! Maybe this courage challenge won't be so hard.. but this is only the first one.. so we shall see what other challenges I will post.

Are you doing any acts of courage lately? I would love it if you join in and create a courage challenge of your own!! It would be really fun and supportive to really help each other face our fears!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! <3

<3 Kelly 


Additionsstyle said...

Good for you for learning how to swim! Getting out of your comfort zone is challenging, and I applaud you for going after what you want.
Everyday Inspired

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