this picture sums this up! :)

I have definitely been making some huge changes! Soo there is no wonder that I’m excited for 2013. I've actually been making a lot of changes since I got back from Europe in October: eating my vitamins, exercising erryday, eating healthier, and implementing some new habits that needed to happen. And deciding on and committing myself to a new career. And I'm really proud of the changes I'm making.
So to do something a little different this year I decided to choose a word...

look at little santa...

Isn't LJ the most adorbs santa-bebeh ever?.. and can't forget the rest of my beautimous family... haha. I had a really great Christmas this year! And I cannot wait for the New Year!! Whoop! <3

lessons learned 2012

After spending hours writing a horribly depressing and dramatic piece of how my year was not all that it was cracked up to be, aka my 2012 reflection. I am flippinitandswitchinitandreversinit (yep you know that missy elliot song) , and making it positively awesomer! :) I was really inspired by this post by Natalie of She takes on the world. It made me realize that whatever good or bad thing that has happened has taught me something. Coming from this perspective, gives me a chance to reflect on what I've learned.. soo here are some of the things I've learned in 2012!

This year I've learned...

merry christmas!!

{I love this Christmas tree which is made from porcelain plates & cups in Belgium!}

This Christmas may you,

Enjoy your family and friends

 Celebrate with good food and laughter,

And have a wonderful and merry Christmas!! 

                • Kelly 
 {I am loving the details of this tree! Isn't it so creative?!}

5 favorite snackies

One of the toughies of getting fit, and getting healthy is changing up your snacking habits. I mean, seriously, potato chips with chocolate covered pomegranates.. was my weird unhealthy snack of choice, lol, I was an undercover snacker. haha.

But snacks are so essential, for times when your hungry but don't wanna grab junky munky foods. Because rather than re-fueling you and giving you more energy, it really just makes you even more tired, and sleepy, which is a no-go when your busy and got things to do!

Here's my short list of some of my fave snackies:

Hummus with red, orange & yellow bell peppers. - I like the Sabra single serving pack, I buy a whole box at costco, and keep it refrigerated. You can also eat them with cucumbers, baby carrots and etc. I try to stay away from crackers and things like that.

day 20: clarity

Wow wow, already two weeks of exercising, getting in good nutrition, and personal development every morning and doing daily gratitude. I feel like I'm being revived from the inside of my body, nutrition and health wise, as well as my heart and soul learning more about how to be a better person. And focusing on bettering myself. I didn't give myself excuses, I've been doing that for a year and half, and I just choose to be better.

{I lost 4 pounds, and 3 pounds of that from fat! I can finally fit in these jeans again without any muffin top! I just... I am so happy! I am getting fit and toned! }