5 favorite snackies

One of the toughies of getting fit, and getting healthy is changing up your snacking habits. I mean, seriously, potato chips with chocolate covered pomegranates.. was my weird unhealthy snack of choice, lol, I was an undercover snacker. haha.

But snacks are so essential, for times when your hungry but don't wanna grab junky munky foods. Because rather than re-fueling you and giving you more energy, it really just makes you even more tired, and sleepy, which is a no-go when your busy and got things to do!

Here's my short list of some of my fave snackies:

Hummus with red, orange & yellow bell peppers. - I like the Sabra single serving pack, I buy a whole box at costco, and keep it refrigerated. You can also eat them with cucumbers, baby carrots and etc. I try to stay away from crackers and things like that.


Avocado & balsamico toast. - I love avocados with pretty much everything, I can just eat it plain as is, which is also a great snack that I love! But I like to toast up some wheat bread, slice up avocados put some balsamico on it and black pepper, and BAM, its ready to eat!

Caprese Salad. - A simple salad, slices of mozzeralla, tomato, and basil. Even easier than other things. or If you need to take them to work, use baby tomatoes, balls of mozzarella and sprinkle some basil on it later, so they don't get soggy!

Boiled eggs. - I boil them for 8 - 9 minutes for a semi- runny yolk, which are my fav. Only aprox 80 calories each, and you get protein which is great! You can also add a bit of salt, but I try not to add too much.

Protein Bars. On the go, these are my go to preferences. Its easy and I don't have to prepare anything. I of course, love Herbalife's new cookies n' cream bars, but beware these bars are meal-replacement bars, so if I'm snacky, I typically eat half of the bar because it is 220 calories for one full bar. I also really enjoy the citrus lemon protein bar deluxe, which are smaller and less calories but just as filling!

What are some of your favorite snackies to munch on? I'd love to hear what your healthy snackies are, I'm always on the look out for new recipes! 

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