What's Good, Sunday?

Sooo.. I'm currently in Taiwan, and been here for a week or so already.
I'm definitely enjoying myself as always. And still keeping quite busy with my coaching & business. 
I'm so happy to be here in Taiwan right now, I feel like I'm really going out of my comfort zone while I'm over here, which is really awesome yet kinda uncomfortable, but still awesome. :) And omgosh, seeing people covered in colorful powder all over town today, for the color run, makes me even more excited, because I will be running/probablywalking the color run next month! 

I'm def trying to focus more on having an attitude of gratitude as much as possible! So here are some thangs I'm grateful for lately/my update on my trip ;)

Tangy Eats: Bitter Melon Stuffed with Pork

I am going to openly admit, that I am a fail in the kitchen (pretty much everyone knows this so its not a confession really lol) No lie, I don't even want to talk about my protein pancakes that I made, and ate, even though, it was a fail. lol. I think I instagrammed that one too.. haha anyways... I'm making an effort to start doing more things and learning more things everyday. Learning = life, especially essentials like cooking.

My mom is a master chef (I think the cooking gene skipped a generation). When she cooks, she doesn't tell me exact measurements she just knows, lol. I was so excited when I ate this stuffed bitter melon, I was like mom, I need to blog about this and share it with everyone the world. And then I had her show me how to make and cook it in 20 minutes.

This dish is a traditional Taiwanese Hakka dish. Its a super simple, and clean eat. Here is the recipe for this magnificent pork stuffed bitter melon.