What's Good, Sunday?

Sooo.. I'm currently in Taiwan, and been here for a week or so already.
I'm definitely enjoying myself as always. And still keeping quite busy with my coaching & business. 
I'm so happy to be here in Taiwan right now, I feel like I'm really going out of my comfort zone while I'm over here, which is really awesome yet kinda uncomfortable, but still awesome. :) And omgosh, seeing people covered in colorful powder all over town today, for the color run, makes me even more excited, because I will be running/probablywalking the color run next month! 

I'm def trying to focus more on having an attitude of gratitude as much as possible! So here are some thangs I'm grateful for lately/my update on my trip ;)
  • Enjoyed some of my favorite Taiwan "Shiao Chi"(Small Eats) at the Roahe Night Market: Pictured above left, ô-á mī-sòaⁿ (oyester vermicilli + intestines) - sounds nasty, but its sooo tasty, can't get it anywhere else!! :) Pork geng with bamboo (and their hot sauce omgosh), and sticky rice with lil' shrimps. - pardon my chinese to english translation/chinglish. And also Dong Gua Cha (Winter Melon Tea) - Which is the giant Winter Melon/ Gourd pictured on the right.
  • Cut my hair the shortest its ever been. I was definitely afraid of cutting my hair before, during and after, but it really feels sooo liberating, and freeing. Why did I wait so long to cut it!! haha. 
  • Been reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, I think its definitely been one of the more .. how do I put it.. effective? lol, personal development books I've read. A lot of the ones that I've read is more about philosophy without giving any real solid ways to put them into action. And its hard work putting the actions to work from the book, but it really makes sense to me. So I'm grateful to be able to understand it now and work on applying it to my life, because I tried to read it earlier in the month, but absolutely couldn't absorb it. 
  • I've been walking/metro-ing everywhere. Okay so .. sometimes I don't love it, but I'm kind of grateful for it, cause I get to sweat it out.. everyday on top of my weekly exercising here!! haha it feels gross, but it feels good too ya know? 
  • Got my first article published in a newspaper! Its about meal planning, if you guys want to take a look at it, just lemme know, perhaps I'll turn it into a blog post! :) I was so excited, cause I wasn't sure if it was going to be accepted, and it was! Super grateful!
  • I'm loving the window shopping and shopping here, I love seeing new fashions as always, plus they have so many international brands here, so I get a real world view of the fashions out there. Plus Taiwanese girls, know how to dress and push the boundaries of fashion, which can make me go ehhh.. but still make me be absolutely fascinated and want to wear what they're wearing!
I'm just so happy to be here in Taiwan! Its starting to seem more and more like my second home. Even though I didn't really like it before as a kid.  How are you guys spending your weekend? I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!! <3 
<3 Kelly 


Taipei Style said...

Ooohh what a pity that I'm not in Taiwan now! I hope you enjoy it and have a great trip! See you next time! :)


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