Welcome to The Blog!!

The Tangy life - Prounounced as Tang-Ee, is a lifestyle blog where you can find quirkiness, health, fitness, fashion, positivity, style, and real talk ;) 

Living tangy, healthy and happy is all about:
  • Being the best version of yourself. 
  • Loving yourself, and Accepting your imperfections and embracing them fully.
  • Letting your genuine, vulnerable, raw, and tangy and maybe a little spicy, authentic self shine.
  • Celebrating your passion, dreams and unique beauty and allowing them be seen.
  • In the end, designing a life true to yourself that your proud of! <3   

Hi There! I'm Kelly, and I'm the girl behind the blog. I'm a multi-passionaite #bossbabe in health, fitness and fashion design. I hope to share the things I love with you, grow, and laugh with you so that we can pursue an ah-mazing, awesome, beautiful life, and learn to love and accept ourselves as is.

You can email me anytime, I'd love to chat about life, love, health, and anything else under the sun: thetangylife@gmail.com and Follow me on Instagram @iamkellytang.
With Love,