{This wasn't actually taken today, but was taken 4 days ago! But I'm proud of where I am right now!!}

I really started this journey in October of last year, but only half-assed it, but now I'm on go-go-go determined mode to reach my level 10 healthy mind, body and soul!
  • That feeling when you fit into your old jeans, and you don't have muffin top. Seriously, you don't even need to worry about buying new clothing, just try your old clothing, and see if it fits. It feels ahhh-mazing, although I'm not against buying anything new and pretty. ;) 
  • The feeling that you can conquer the world because your able to push your mind and body to limits you never thought you could get to. Seriously... Sometimes I want to quit, but I'm loving the after work out energy so much, life is nothing without it.
  • Right nows, my health & fitness goals include getting my weight to 115 pounds, I'm currently at 123 pounds (though this is my goal, I'm not trying to focus too much on the losing of the weight more of the muscle vs body fat %.) 26% body fat, and 30% muscle (this is huge I used to have more body fat than muscle). My energy is wayy up up up, and I feel goods!! I should make another post on what exactly I'm doing right now, cause I feel amazing, after going from fatigued/overly tired Kelly, I never want to go back to that feeling again. Agh! 

Other Thangs:

  • I am loving for workout playlists. If I were to make my own playlists they would take FOREVERR to make, so I just listen to ones that people already made. Some of my favorites being: this, and this.
  • Still obsessed with the Tone it Up Love your Body Challenge. I started late, but Its better late than never. :) I am esp loving the Love your Abs workout, definitely helping me get toned in the ab area, which is one of my goals too. 
  • Currently on week 8, of the 24fit Herbalife DVD, and its awesome, because I can't believe I've actually stuck to a dvd program for 8 weeks.. that's kinda record-breaking for me, so yay!! 
What are your favorite workout playlists?!!?  I definitely need more suggestions!! <3 And where are you on your journey to a healthier and fitter you? I really would love to hear about it, and support each other through your health/fitness journeys!! <3 

<3 Kelly


Jenmarie said...

Good for you! It's great that you're taking photos so you can see your progress. I like using the My Fitness Pal APP. It helps to track what I eat and the excersize that I do.

Tallia said...

oooh my gosh! what a differentce! You look great! Keep the good work up!

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