I'm turning 24!!

Wow, so the countdown begins: 30 days until my 24th birthday! :) 

This year instead of racking my brain for the things that I want, I feel like I'm already blessed to have such amazing people, and things in my life already. I decided its a great reason to give back instead!! The last time I did a fundraising event, it was for the earth quakes in Japan, back to three years ago, man how time flies! And you know, that was really exciting and fun for me to help organize and be a part of! So I've been looking for ways to do that again. 

And I finally found a way to do it! :D Soo.. :drumroll: I will be dedicating my 24th birthday to Charity: Water! So what exactly does that mean? Well my friends, please check out my campaign page, to read my letter about why I'm dedicating this birthday to them! And take a look at the videos below. I really believe in charities that really help people on many different levels, which I feel that charity: water does, and can be explained way better in this video below: 

Some More Info about the campaign: 
  • The money donated will fund projects in Ethiopia or Cambodia! 100% of every dollar we raise will fund water project costs and bring clean water where its needed most. 
  • We've got three months to fundraise, so there is plenty of time to donate!! :) ( Until Dec 31!) 
  • We'll also know exactly where our money went which we can see with photos and GPS (it takes 18 months to complete the work), and we'll get updates on the progress along the way! When our project is completed, we will receive a completion report that looks like this. 
  • I'm asking everyone I know, to donate $24 to the campaign! The ultimate goal is to raise $2400, which will be able to provide 120 people with clean water!! Every penny counts, so donate what is feasible for you! Even if thats a $1 or $5! 
And here's another video, that makes me rethink and appreciate water so much more:

I'm really excited to be celebrating my 24th birthday with you all! 
Thanks you guys for all your support and love!! Let's do this!! 

<3 Kelly 

The Campaign Page
Or if your interested in pledging your birthday!
More Info about Charity: Water on Charity Navigator


Taipei Style said...

This is an amazing way of celebrating your birthday! So unusual to be as generous as you nowadays...


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