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I am a hugeee fan of Gwyneth Paltrow, she is just so beautiful, amazing and real!! I'm also a big huge fan of her site Goop. I have been obsessing over this new site I discovered call The Conversation. Where they interview celebrities, and powerful woman, on real, geniune topics. Things like how you get over people judging you from Gwen (take a look at the video above), that really resonated with me, because I have a problem with worrying about what people think of me. And Its so true that what people think of you is more a reflection of what they think about themselves, rather than you as a person. 

Andd I loved loved this conversation with Melissa McCarthy, talking about when she was in her twenties, and she would always say she was busy and that being in your twenties is rightfully the time to be selfish. I feel this. sooo much. right now. Because everyone I know is constantly telling me their busy, but what exactly are you busy with?! I'm really trying to eliminate the word busy out of my vocabulary.  I also enjoyed hearing about how her priorities shifted with having children, granted I wouldn't want to have kids right now, but knowing that their is a shift in the future,, kinda makes me happy.

There are tons of other vids, that I loved from The Conversation, but I'm just going to post two because they really got me thinking about my life, and things that I relate to really well. 

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend, and an even awesomer super bowl Sunday!! <3

<3 Kelly 


Plami said...

Thanks for sharing these! THey're so interesting and inspiring!


Additionsstyle said...

Thanks for sharing. I have never heard of The Conversation, but I am hooked now.
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