new fav, & getting over your love/hate relationship with exercise

I am currently lovingg the Tone it Up Girls workout!!! Like obsessed, my body and muscles are so sore.. but I am starting to love this feeling!! I just started their Love Your Body Fitness challenge, and although I'm 5 weeks behind, I am still loving their vids. Especially this ab workout: 

I am so glad that I found the Love your Body Routine, because it really challenges me, and makes it really fun! Which is awesome! And I usually do this in the afternoon, and do the 24fit dvd program in the morning, which I'm now on week 8!! <3 I am loving the new addition of the tone it up routine, and can't wait to continue doing this. I really want to be able to be fit and proud of my body, for me, and me only! 

But I didn't always love exercise... in fact, I hated it, I loathedd it, I could never work up enough energy or love for it. Yes, I knew all the benefits of it, yes its awesome. And YES I love it now! I think everyone has their time when they finally realize that yes, this is the time to get fit, because I'm tired of feeling tired, and feeling sorry for myself. That's exactly what I realized last summer, if I don't exercise, I'm just not taking care of myself, or loving me! So how exactly do you start lovin' exercise?!?Here are some ways I got over my hate relationship with exercise and turned it  allll into loveee! ^_^

Find your reason why you NEED to work out. - I was burnt out, tired all the time, I would wake up and I would still be tired, was stressed, was all kinds of a hot mess. So I decided if I want to feel better, if I want to live a more fulfilled life, I have to exercise, I mean a lot of cool successful people do it, like Richard Branson. Finding a way to conquer my stressful life is why I choose to exercise. So find your reason, maybe its for your family, maybe its so you can feel comfortable in your own skin, whatever it may be, use it as your inspirado!

Find something you love to do. - You don't need to be a world-class athlete, you don't have to be the most coordinated, you don't have to be the best zumba-r. I am not coordinated or good at zumba, but I think its fun, and I can play at home on the wii, making it simple and saving myself some dignity. haha. Finding something that is fun for you or something that you can enjoy is really important to turn this love hate relationship around.

Try something new! - Don't be afraid to do something you've never done before, maybe joining a team, or taking a dance class at your gym, taking a walk. Trying something new can be really daunting and uncomfortable because its out of your comfort zone, but I guarantee you will come out tougher, healthier and happier, because doing anything uncomfortable grows you and all those endorphins will make you feel greatt!!

Find a work out buddy - For the 24 fit dvd program, I actually made my mom do it with me! haha, because well if I'm going to get healthy then I want my mom to be healthy too! So she was my willing victim buddy, and so when I'm about to work out and we're both home, we just do it together. It makes exercise more of a fun thing that you can share with your bff or family member, and keeps you accountable! 

Anyways, I hope these tips help you overcome your love/hate hate relationship with exercise like its helped me. Overcoming it has given me more confidence in myself, and its really changed the way I look at myself, I guess its also a sort of self-empowerment, when you start taking care of yourself!! Cheers!!

<3 Kelly


Caroline Susanto said...

really nice tips and lately, I really love working out and lose 1.5 cm of my waist!!! Yay >.<

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Tallia said...

I feel like I should go to the gym now!

Plami said...

Such a great and inspiring post! I am going trough a similar process as you right now :) I will check out this routine and the entire program!

Following you dear :)


Life's a shoe said...

great post! I'm really determined to lose weight too and live a healthier life!

Mindy Fan said...

These are some really nice tips! I love these girls and I do their workouts sometimes as well! My personal workout at home is Pop pilates haha. If the weather is nice, I will go for a run!
Good luck to you!

I Follow you now by the way!
If you have time could you check out/ follow my blog too?

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