Marching into April... Courage Continued

I am a nervous, nervous little mess right now. I decided to post up my first ever singing video right here on this blogg... I have been talking about this for years, and I mean 39483 years about posting a video up.. ok maybe not that many years.. buttt for a long while. I finally mustered enough courage, to just sing it and post it, and i really just want to dedicate this song/video to my parents. I think the hardest part about March, is remembering the passing of the love of my life, my daddy. And my mom has supported me through everything and continues to do so. This song has resonated with me throughout the past two years, and I thought I would never be in such a good place. Here's to living courageously and growing up. 

(Pardon my very terrible video editing skills, since there is an awkward spot right in the middle of the video... lol, you'll see it when you watch... buttt I decided to set my perfectionism aside and just do it. Woah.. courage is srsly the word for 2013...)

Besides trying my hand at video making & singing.. I can cross that one off my courage challenge to do list finally!! :D March was also the month I:

  • Signed up for the Color Run for September!! I am so pumped!! And cutest of all, we decided to call our team Pandapowaa ( like pandapower,, except with a pow!) CANNOT wait for it!! Anyone else running in the DC Color Run?!
  • Entered in my first body transformation challenge. Sayy whaaa?! Lowering my body fat to 15% is my goal right now for this challenge, I'm currently at 24% which is 2% less than I started out 11 days ago. Its super duper crazy... cause I would have never in a million years imagined that I would do a challenge like this.
  • Starting going to zumba class, I've only been to two classes. And I have to say,, I love itt, even if I am super uncoordinated and all that. I don't care as long as I sweat it out.
  • oh... and I got to ya know go to Paris, one of my favorite cities in the world, despite having no luggage the entire trip. lol!! But who cares, the eiffel tower is gorjess, and just being in Paris makes me swoon. :D
As I'm evolving, I'm trying so many more things that are wayyyy out of my comfort zone. And this is just the beginning of that... I really need to overcome a lot of my other fears too.. but this blog is pushing me beyond that, and I really enjoy sharing my life here.. even though sometimes I have a hard time with knowing what to put on here and what not to... but I'm learning as I go. March was a really exciting month, it just seems like life keeps getting better and better, and I am just so grateful and blessed to have the opportunities that I have.

Have a wonderful, magical, beautiful weekend!! 

With Love,


Xlovehappyx said...

your singing sounds good! congrats on all of these courageous things; looking forward to posts about your fitness and color run. off to read about Paris!

livlovelaugh said...

wow, i wish i could sing so well! Also.... you have a great style i think~


Additionsstyle said...

Your singing is great, thanks for sharing it with us! Sounds like it was a great month, and you are on your way towards achieving your goals.
Everyday Inspired

Jenmarie said...

Good for you for posting your first video! You did a great job :)

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