We're the Best Friends, That Anyone Could Have.

Ending 2012 with a small reunion with some good friends. I haven't seen some of my friends in years, and months, and .. it was just necessary to have some good food, and good laughs. When I'm with these BFF's I feel like nothing's changed, and we can talk as if no time has passed.

We're all so different, and got so many different things going on right now, so it can be really hard for us all to meet. And I guess thats part of life after college, and I'm glad I can still have these people in my life, supporting me through every challenge that I face. That's why I lalala-love these peeps.

And this wouldn't be a normal post with out food pictures, haha!! We went to Zengo in Chinatown for dinner, and I had some awesome Angry Zengo rolls, and Yuka, and yummy desserts, we all had bites and tastes of each others, the chocolate torte, was also ah-mazing! Anyone else obsessed with trip advisor?.. I am obsessed with writing reviews, lol. #nerdalert

{Churros N' Hot Chocolate, cause I have been craving it since Barcelona!}

<3 Kelly 


Karen Curtis said...

Hot chocolate is my favorite!!

Dina Karivalis said...

Looks like you had a great time! Happy new year! Would love for you to stop by my blog and follow if you have time!
xo Dina
Sweetest Somethings

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