Easy Peasy Tip: Water, Water!

With spring fast approaching, that means prepping for summertime is starting right about now!! Yayyy!! Everyone wants to get beach body ready!! One of my favorite health /get fit tips, is drinking more water!! And anyways if your working up a sweat, you'll definitely need to stay hydrated ( don't forget to also drink something with electrolytes, for particularly sweat-filled workouts!)! Its the easiest thing to do, seriously!! 

Why drink more water?

  • Our body consists of 70% water, not 70% soda, coffee or juice!! We constantly need to replenish the water, since we lose 3 quarts of it everyday through sweating, respiration and urine. 
  • Decreases your chance of cancer!! The Journal of Epidemiology held a 6 year study, where drinking 5 or more glasses of water a day can reduce the risk of heart attack for as high as 41% compared to drinking 2 or less. The research, also shows staying hydrated can reduce the risks of bladder cancer by 50%, and colon cancer by 45%! 
  • Think clearer & be more focused!! Our brain is 80% water, so drinking more water can ensure the brain is getting nourishment! Drinking 8 - 10 cups of water a day can improve cognitive performance by 30%.
  • Did you know that your body typically has 7-10 pounds of poop inside just your colon alone?! That's crazy to even think about, drinking more water, can help soften these thangs, and clean out the toxins in your body, getting rid of all that funkyjunky-ness! A little TMI, but hey, gotta clean it out! 

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  Not a fan of water? Spice it up by adding some flavor. Some of my favorites include adding: 

  • Cucumber
  • Strawberries
  • Honey & lime 
  • Lime & lemons

So even though you are trying to look hot for the summer, drinking water, should be an all year round thang! Keeping you hydrated and sexy all the timee!!  Its a simple & easy way to not only get an awesome bodayy but keep your mind sharp, and keep cancer away! That's pretty sweet if I don't say so myself! 

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