So I seriously love Goop by Gwenyth Paltrow, she is so fab, I love and respect her because she has a family, a career, likes to cook, and is really down to earth. And just is all the things that I aspire to be similar too.( But that is definitely a whole nother post!) I always love getting her emails in my inbox, and I recently enjoyed this interview, with Andy Puddicombe on meditation/mindfulness, and how to actually do it. 

I really believe that meditation is really beneficial just to quiet the mind and focus on the things that really matter. Its difficult for me to meditate and sit there in silence, but this inspires me to really try harder to get my meditation on.
Gah everything about this interview makes me want to meditate more and just be more in the moment. Change is something that everyone desires but the only way we can really achieve that change, is by thinking about it and feeling it while we're in the moment. And doing some inner work first. I'm definitely thinking of doing a meditation challenge.

Be sure to check out the interview here!!

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